Review : Memories by Lang Leav

(This review is based on my personal preference and taste.)



Book title: Memories

Author: Lang Leav

Format: Hardcover

Genre: Poetry, Romance, Contemporary

Pages: 256 pages


Introducing, my very FIRST book review! Woot woot! I’m still lacking in many ways so do bear with me. Hope I will get better in time! 😀

Memories is a collection of poetry and prose which includes those from two previous books; Love & Misadventures and Lullabies. Aside from that of course, it also featured new writings by Leav.

Sadly, I haven’t got my hands on Love & Misadventures and Lullabies yet (but I recently bought The Universe of Us!), definitely will buy it when extra cash is in 🙂

The overall theme of the book is, yes you guess it, on memories of life; be it on happy or sad memories. One of the poems that I love is Sunday Best:

“Do you remember that night I turned up on your doorstep? I was wearing my Sunday best. You watched the mascara as it ran down like fault lines, and you knew I had blood on my lips.

I’m tired of running, I said-

and the earth shook a little.

I don’t want anyone else, I whispered.

And I felt myself crumple.

You held out your arms and I was cracked porcelain. we looked at each other as we stood at the precipice. And I knew once I fell, I’d never stop falling. and everything before you would be time to kill. You said you were scared but you couldn’t ignore it.

And that was the moment we became real.” – Sunday Best, Lang Leav

Deep, isn’t it? When I read this, I’m reminded of my beginning with the boyfriend. We were of similar situation too where we both like each other but no one said a word about it back then until one day, he couldn’t just stand idly being friends so he actually confessed his feelings that early morning. Once we told each other how we feel, “and that was the moment we became real.”

The poems are relatable to me as I read, easy to feel the meaning and story of what Leav’s wrote in her poems.

The book was the Goodreads Choice AwardNominee for Poetry back in 2015.

After this, I would definitely read more from Lang Leav, even have The Universe of Us in line 🙂

For those who loves poetry, I would definitely recommend this book to you.

Rating: 4.0/5.0



Okay, here’s the deal.

I’ve been obsessing with Tom Hardy ever since I saw him in Legend and boy, admiration much! (If you haven’t watch Legend, YOU SHOULD!)

Okay, now back to Locke.


Beginning of the movie, it shows Ivan Locke (played by Hardy) walking to his car from his construction site, taking his safety boots off and sits in his BMW. Looking distraught, making the audiences wonder what has happened. Apparently, that was the one and only, I repeat, ONLY scene outside of the BMW. Throughout the whole movie, you’ll be looking at Locke driving from Birmingham to London and slowly, time reveals what is the problem that took place.

Most people would feel that the movie is boring because:

A) the whole movie was entirely on Locke talking on the phone in his car while he drives,

B) there’s no action ie. fighting scene, explosion etc or other scenes like kissing, laughing with friends and families. ONLY him talking on the phone while he drove. Period.


Don’t underestimate this movie at all. With Hardy’s powerful acting, it captures the attention of the audiences in wanting to know what was the problem, feeling sad for Locke as he tries his very best to settle problems from his workplace, his family and finally, his illegitimate baby from his accidental one-night stand.

For his work: he managed to settle the problems that arose during his drive to London. He got fired from his job because he made the decision to drive to London for the birth of his illegitimate baby (pre-mature) instead of staying for the biggest project that will take place in Europe. For work, he would be on the phone with Donal who was covering for him on site.

For his family: he talked to his two sons; Eddie and Sean as well as his wife, Katrina. It definitely was a bad timing because his family was preparing for him to go home and watch a football game together but he had to break the news to his wife, Kat via the phone. I could relate to that feeling, I mean Kat’s feeling listening to such a heartbreaking news over the phone. You feel as if the world had stop turning while someone shoved a knife to your heart. And the kids… the kids were begging for him to be home in the morning without knowing what was going on.

For his one-night stand and coming baby: from the movie, Locke mentioned that she (Bethan) was his secretary for a construction project away from home. With a couple bottle of wine and feeling sorry for her loneliness, he slept with her. At that moment, I felt angry. Well, there were a few scenes that ticked me off when Bethan kept on saying “I love you” to Ivan, stating that she fell in love with him after that night. Ivan on the other hand, honestly told her that he don’t know her well, and he doesn’t love her. The only reason he drove to London was to fix the mistake. Mistake = the baby. He doesn’t want the same thing happen to the baby like what he felt when his dad left him when he was younger. The feeling of abandonment and uselessness.

And yeah, I know I’ve explained a lot but you have to watch it. Watch how Hardy captures your constant attention with his fabulous acting; his voice, his facial expressions and his emotions. The fact that the movie was filmed in real-time was interesting as well. That includes the conversations on the phone! Acting, both on screen or voice acting is crucial for the movie. If they didn’t do a good job, the movie would have fall flat. Hardy being typical Hardy would mumble his lines. It actually inspired a few things for me. So, I’ll give it a high rating. 7/10.

Finally, I’m watching Mad Max: Fury Road next because I’m still in need of my Tom Hardy dose 😀

Hello 2017!


To be honest, I don’t know what to expect this new year. After last year, I would definitely hope 2017 is the year of positivity!

This year, definitely a few plans up our sleeves; both personally and professionally. The boyfriend has big plans to transfer back straight-away to Miri instead of stopover in Kuching as previously applied. We’re hoping by this year, he can make it back to Miri for work. I just can’t wait for the long-distance relationship situation to end!

6 long years of LDR, I believe it has reached it’s limit. Only meeting each other and spending time twice every year (Gawai & Christmas) is a pain and truly a sad condition of always having to say goodbye after 2 weeks. SIX frickin’ years! T^T

As for myself, professionally I’m trying to pursue my dream of having a video production team. I feel that I should not waste anymore time in building my portfolio as I’ll be 29 soon. 29, without a permanent and stable job (currently) with the mindset of wanting to see every corner of the world, equip with a video camera, laptop and editing suite haha.

Personally, well we’re hoping with the transfer soon, perhaps we’ll take the next step. Families and friends has been constantly asking when will we tie the knot as we have been together for a long time. Duration? In July 2017, it marks the 10th year of our relationship. I can’t believe that this year is the 10th year. TEN YEARS! 😀

I really hope we’ll take a step towards marriage soon, being 29 and all. (I sense some might say, “age is just a number…”) . Hopefully! *fingers crossed* He has been hinting about the planning but I’ll just let him think about it since he seems to have his own plans about it. I’ll just follow the flow, perhaps.

Looking forward to what will take place this year.

My New Year’s Resolution: Try my best to live with positive vibes. 
Trying hard but slowly, hopefully when the end of the year, I’ll be more positive and happy going through the daily living.

Lots of love for the new year,






I wanted to watch it for a long time so when I finally had the time to through my “Movie List”, I’m glad I didn’t forget about this particular movie. 

I love Jennifer Lawrence’s performance as Joy Mangano; the intensity of coping with everyday life and the constant letdown, misbelieve and doubt when she comes up with innovative ideas by her own family members. 

There are a few things I got from watching the movie. 

  1. Even when she’s divorced from her husband, he still trusts in her and helped her achieve her mogul status. When her half-sister and dad sold her out, he stood by her and supported her all the way. 
  2. Hypocrisy takes place in own family. In fact,  anywhere and everywhere. People often supports and be nice to you (in your face) when you have something good or when you’re in a good place. Once you turn your back, you’ll never know about the bad-mouthing and conniving schemes they’ve come up to betray you. *Deep* You got to settle things on your own if you want to get things done. 

Speaking of hypocrites…

I believe, there are hypocrites everywhere even those who smiles and acts nice in front of you. I’ve been in situations where that person treats me good upfront but talked badly about me behind my back to others. Well, you know what they say, “What goes around, comes around.”

One case in particular that happened many years ago during my uni days. It’s the perfect showcase of a typical hypocrite. I was a Christian Club President but with a social life. Although I never liked going to clubs, I enjoy hanging out and spending time with my friends; drinking and talking, having a good time. I was not a rigid or strict club president, it’s more to making the members feeling comfortable with each other and spending time with family. 

Due to the fact that after gatherings, I would be out for drinks with a few other club members; I was labeled as a bad-influenced leader. Always bringing the members drinking, exposing them to bad things in life. This coming from a fellow church member! When I heard that, I was fuming because ONE, who does that person think he/she is to criticise me and TWO, that person should see me straight to address the issue instead of talking shit about me to my own friends. 

I never forced anyone to go out drinking with me and those who were always with me were the same people. When we hangout, we don’t drink till we’re drunk because we know our own limits for alcohol intake. 

And the funny thing was, I just saw a picture in which that person was in for a party and they were having drinks on the table. So, explain that! 

Seriously, the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is so true. Don’t judge me if you’ve never had a proper conversation with me. Don’t act “I’m-holier-than-thou” to others. 

Okay, I’m away from topic…

Moral of the story: Don’t be a hypocrite. 

Haha. Movie rating: 6/10. 

How To Be Single

I’ve always have a list of movies in my collection but never had the time to watch it. So, I was determined to complete it accordingly. 

Funny thing was, I thought some of the movies, I might not like it at all or it might be boring. But then, some of the movies might come as a surprise. 

How To Be Single. 

Surprisingly, I can relate to the character Alice (played by Dakota Johnson). 

There was a time in my relationship, well earlier on, I felt what Alice felt. Being a person who have never been in a real relationship, (well, I was in a few relationships but never serious) so at one time, I felt lost as if I don’t know who I am anymore. 

There was a time when we drifted apart because, I do admit that it was because of my part, wanting to discover who I really am and do what I really want to do. 

There was a time that it got so bad, we actually took a time off, away from each other. 

But then, like the movie; when you take the time to rediscover and love yourself, you actually feel better about yourself and others will naturally be easy for you. I believe that. It was hard for me at first, never feeling like I truly deserve to have all the good things but once I got to know myself and found out what my passions are, loving and understanding others was a natural thing for me. 

It is never easy to get to that stage but eventually, you’ll get there. 

Always remember; learn about yourself, love yourself, discover your worth and others will fall in line. 

Anywho, the movie was not bad. A 5/10 I’ll give it 🙂

Hello, My Name Is Doris

Wow! It has been a really looooong time since I’ve blogged. My last post was on 2014, written about how in 2 years time I’ll be married. And here I am, 2 years later, still no proposal. *Awkward* Haha.

WELL, it’s towards the end of 2016, things had been a tad stressful for me; making me having a headache almost every single day. 

Yesterday, I  destressed by watching “Hello, My Name Is Doris”. Funny thing was that the character Doris reminded me of one of my family members. *Not going into that… nuh-uh!*

The movie is about Doris, a 60-something woman who just recently lost her mum. As she spent all her life took care of her mum, so she was quite lost after her mum’s passing. She then had feelings for her younger co-worker. Things got awkward at times where it just makes you cringe watching that certain scenes and there were also times when you feel really bad for Doris and hoping that John, her younger co-worker would actually like her back. 

The interesting part was the ending where she day-dreamnt that John called out to her as she was waiting for the elevator and he rushed over, telling her why not they give it a try and kiss her. Well, that part we can predict it was her usual day-dream about John but what happens right before the screen fade to black was that Doris walked into the elevator and before the door was about to close, John actually called out to her. 


It made viewers wonder, did John really do like what Doris daydreamnt about or …? 

Well, that’s for the viewers to decide. 

Overall, the movie was good, Sally Field was awesome and storyline was good. 

I would give it a 6/10 .  


The year 2014.

I know it is the 16th day since the new year and the title of the post might be a little cliché but that’s the title of the book that I am currently reading.

So, what does ‘Unstoppable’ has to do with anything?

I began to think that despite the efforts to slow time down for certain purposes and reasons, no time in the world can be stop for your own selfish reasons.

In the 16 days alone, I had already experienced anger, love, sadness, hurt and happiness. So I have no idea what the remaining 349 days will bring me. However, I am ready to accept and challenge it face on with a slight procrastination perhaps on the side…

(Intermission of the boyfriend calling about what size my chamomile tea he’s buying from Starbucks.)

Since the first day, I’m pretty content with what was happening in my life. Some things still bothered me though but most of the time, I’m fine because I still have my boyfriend around.

Sadly, he will be leaving back to his workplace the day after tomorrow. (Insert a seriously ugly sad face.)

I’m happy that his holiday this time is longer than the usual 14 days that he usually took meaning I get to be with him for extra time. I do agree that at times, I do get selfish and wish to have him all for myself but of course, that would be impossible.

I feel double the happiness as this year, we came to conclusion that we will take the big step in the next 2 years time period.

Why two years time?

I am down with 3 more semesters to go, by then I will finish my studies. Yes, I am aware that I am still studying for my degree cert (and I’m trying very hard to attain it!) at the age of 26. If you want to know the reason, come and ask me personally and I’ll give you the full detail with dramatic gestures included. Haha!

Despite the time frame of 2 years time, that is 23 months including this month, I am already excited and getting ahead of myself, especially on Pinterest. Boy! I pinned lots of things on that app!

Yeah, I know I shouldn’t get too excited and make myself appear to be an idiot in everyone’s eyes but I just can’t help it. I guess that urge to take that next step in life is bubbling inside of me. (Laughing like crazy.)

I guess I feel the rush because ever since last year, I’ve been seeing wedding pictures, attending wedding receptions and scrolling through kids’ first day of school pictures on Facebook. Yes, some of the classmates/ schoolmates, their kids are already attending school. That would make their kid, like what, at least 4 years of age.


I don’t feel as if I’m marrying at a late age but somehow the peer-pressure of seeing your peers already in their working world, starting their life as a husband or wife, some mother or father, it just brings out the “what-the-heck-have-you-been-doing-all-these-time?!!” kind of thinking.

I try to suppress it. At times I succeed and managed to sweep it back to the dark corner in my mind but most time, it just bothers me and honestly, it can give a negative effect on my thinking and opinion on myself in life. And it kills me sometimes.

It is true! You are your own worst enemy!! (SMACK SELF!)

But I am thankful for my mum who is constantly reassuring me that I am not weird because I am not married yet. Haha! You may think it is in a bad way but it is not. I guess, it is the normal reaction from a parent who marry at a very early age.

My mum got married at the age of 23 and my dad was only 18. I even made a promise to myself that I would not marry at those age.

At 18, I passed it without getting hitch but I was in two weird relationships that year. My boyfriend was not one of those, he was the one after those two.

At 23, I am already in a long term and long-distance relationship with my boyfriend. It should be my 4th year with the boyfriend, the non-honeymoon-it’s-a-flocking-reality time of the relationship.

This year will be the 7th year on our amour. Hopefully there won’t be any 7th year itch. (Touch wood. Paranoid.)

It will be a struggle to save up money for the future as both of us has lots of family members. I think the amount of members can make me fall into an anxiety attack. However, it would be a good practise for my PR skills on event management and bla bla bla. (Nerd alert!)

Please tell me am I crazy and should I stop myself from being in this state of excitement and happiness?

Our first 2014 picture together.
Our first 2014 picture together.